Caching videos (Proxy engine 3.3x and Artica 1.8.121102)

This Artica explains how to enable extra-caching videos from Proxy engine 3.3x and Artica 1.8.121102

On the proxy service, choose VideoCache

12-12-2014 14-18-45

Click on the button “Reinstall Software

12-12-2014 14-20-02

You will the 2 services turned to green

12-12-2014 14-21-16

Turn to green the Activate VideoCache service and click on Apply

12-12-2014 14-22-23

The 2 services are turned to green.

12-12-2014 14-23-35

  • Point your browser to
  • Read a video

12-12-2014 14-26-32

Go into events section, you should see HIT entries as video is cached

12-12-2014 15-34-54

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