Alerts on bandwidth limit

Version 2.x

This feature allows you to be notified when the total HTTP/HTTPS bandwidth reach a defined size.
When the bandwidth exceed a defined value, artica create a report in order to display bandwidth consumption for each user and each website

On Your proxy, select “Watchdog parameters”

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  • Select Bandwidth tab.
  • Turn to green the “Bandwidth Alert” feature.
  • Define the interval: for example, if you choose each 5 minutes, bandwidth will be checked every hour each 5 minutes ( 00:05, 00:10, 00:15, 00:20…)
  • Define the size in MB that will generate the alert.

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  • If you have set the SMTP settings, you will receive a mail when the alert is generated.
  • By default, the event is added in the Artica watchdog events in critical level.

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