Use ACL in order to whitelist categories

When using the webfiltering depends of the category blacklisted but you could have a ton of websites blocked.
Webfiltering is good when dealing with a lot of websites but if you plan to allow only a few websites ACL can be a good way
This article shows you how to allow some Active Directory users to surf on a small websites list.

In this example we have created a webfiltering rule that block filehosting but we want to allow for a specific group.

To perform this rule, wee need to create 2 proxys objects.

  1. The Active Directory group object
  2. The Websites object


On the top menu, choose “Your Proxy” and click on “Complete ACLs” link.

Complete Acls Link

Your proxy: Complete acl


  • Create a new rule ( we called allow wetransfer )
  • Click on the freshed added rule link

27-02-2015 16-26-44


  • Turn on the “Pass trough the Webfiltering engine” item

27-02-2015 16-27-53

  • Click on items tab
  • Click on new Proxy object
  • Choose Dynamic Active Directory Group in the dropdown list
  • Click on “Browse” button
  • Navigate trough your Active Directory tree and choose your desired group
  • Click on the button “Select this group
  • Close the browse screen and click on Add button.

27-02-2015 16-29-14

  • Click on new proxy object
  • Choose Webserver or domain in the dropdown list
  • Give a group name.
  • Click on add button

27-02-2015 16-31-43

  • Click on the group link and add the desired website.

27-02-2015 16-33-19

  • Click on “Compile button” to make the rule in production mode.

27-02-2015 16-34-04

This rule force proxy to not use the webfiltering engine for the Active Directory Group and destinations Website ( so websites are allowed to be surfed)


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