Set Proxy DNS servers

DNS is a very important part of the Internet performance. If DNS are slow, access to Internet will be slower

With Artica Proxy, you have 2 DNS section:

  1. The System DNS: Available in the System section that defines DNS servers used by the operating system.
  2. The Proxy DNS: Available in the Your Proxy section that defines DNS servers used by the Proxy service.

Both can be different, for example when using Active Directory, System DNS can point to the Active Directory server and Proxy service can point to the Google DNS servers.

  • On your Proxy section / Cache & Infrastructure, click on DNS settings.

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You can see a page with 2 sections:

  • ┬áSystem DNS parameters : This are DNS used by the system for Active Directory connection or other services.
  • DNS servers used by the proxy service: If you have disabled the option “The proxy service use the System DNS“,
    The Proxy service can use it’s own DNS servers to query Internet websites.


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