Network interface policy and behavior

Each network Interface can have a default policy and behavior.
These method did not define routers, just access to defined Interface.

  • You can change the policy and the behavior by clicking on the Network interface in the firewall section.

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Default policy

The default policy can be “Strict mode” or “Trusted mode”

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  • The “Strict mode” set the firewall to deny unknown services that are not saved in services mode for the defined Interface.
  • The “Trusted mode” allow unknown services for the defined Interface.

Firewall behavior.

The FireWall can have 3 behaviors:

  • Act as LAN: No flood protection, everything is accepted from any network to the specified Interface. Typically the Firewall doing nothing for the defined Interface.
  • Not defined: No flood protection, everything is accepted if no service is defined and the Artica server is allowed to go to everything.
  • Act as WAN: Full flood protection, Only defined services are allowed, the Artica server is only allowed to go to defined Clients services.



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