How to upgrade Artica Proxy from 1.9x to 2.x

Here it is the procedure to upgrade Artica Proxy from 1.9x  to 2.x

Before upgrading to 2.x please read notices:

  1.  2.x version are not compatible debian 6.x
  2. All statistics will be lost
  3. Artica statistics appliance will be no longer used.

  • On the 1.9x click on the top arrow

20-04-2015 16-10-16

  • Select update icon.

20-04-2015 16-12-03

  • Click on Manual update icon.
  • Click on Upload a file button.
  • Choose the artica-2.0x.xxxxxx.tgz downloaded file.

20-04-2015 16-15-09

  • Wait during the upload and install process.

20-04-2015 16-19-30

  • After install process a message is displayed and ask to you to click on upgrade button.

20-04-2015 16-21-12

  • Wait during the upgrade process

20-04-2015 16-22-17

  • After upgrade, a message box notice that you need to use CTRL+F5 on your Browser and redirect to the login page.

20-04-2015 16-23-17

  • On the login screen type CTRL+F5 and login again

20-04-2015 16-25-13

  • Your server is now updated to 2.x

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