Exclude some nodes from NTLM authentication

If you have a node that cannot be authenticated trough the proxy, you can use Complete ACLs to whitelist this node from the Authentication.

You can exclude a node with 2 proxy objects, the  source IP address  or the MAC address.

  • First on the Complete ACLs, create a new rule.
  • Turn on the “Allow” option.

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  • Go to Objects tab.
  • Click on “New Proxy Object
  • Set the Proxy Object group name in “Group Name” field.
  • Select “Source IP address” or “Mac Address” in the drop-down list.
  • Click on Add button.

20-02-2016 13-04-32

  • Click on the link in the added object.
  • On the Pattern field add your IP addresses/Networks ( or MAC ) and click on ADD.
  • Do not use multiple objects on the same rule but add multiple items on the same object.

20-02-2016 13-07-15

  • Ensure that this rule is on the top level.
  • Click on Apply button to make the rule in production mode.

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