Create a WebCopy Website

  • Click on Your Proxy on the top menu
  • Click on the WebCopy link

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  • Click on “New website” button


  • WebSite: Define here the Uri to the main website.
  • Directory: Where to save static web pages
  • Max transfer rate: Limit the bandwidth engine in KB/s
  • Max size of a file: Ban downloading files that exceed size in KB
  • Site size limit: Limit the maximal size download execution.
  • If you wan to execute the WebCopy task for all sites, click on Execute button.
  • If you want to execute the WebCopy task for selected site, click on the green arrow under the site row.

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  • If you surf to the Website, you will see nothing because the proxy fake all URLs.
  • Open the mirrored website and show the source page.
  • At the top of the Web page, you will see the entry Mirrored from https://xxxxx by HTTrack Website Copier
  • This means the webpage is served locally

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