Network Interface monitor

Interface monitor is a feature available in 2.39x or 2.40. It ensure that a network interface configuration is not broken. The Artica Monitor service check the following conditions: If the IP address has been modified without being saved from the Web console. If the network Interface is down. On the […]


07-03-2016 00-17-14

Multi-Wan with Artica Proxy

Multi-Wan allows you to forward request to different Internet connections using several routers. In our example, the proxy using 2 network Interface, each Network interface is linked to discuss with a specific router that using it’s own Internet connection. To use this approach, you need to use the “Routing rules” […]

Wan Compressor

Wan compressor parent is a TCP proxy which makes TCP connections send less data, which improves TCP performance and throughput over lossy links, slow links and long links. This improve performance over satellite, wireless and WAN links. If you have issue about the nonexistent module, download and install this package:  […]

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