FTP Protocol

FTP browsing pages are displayed in red

By default artica build FTP template in the same way of error templates. With a valid license, you are able to tune the FTP browsing template page On the top menu, choose “Your Proxy“ Under the infrastructure section, select FTP Template link.   On the FTP template section you are […]

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Unable to FTP into server – Error 530

This error appears when you have enabled the FTP service and created an LDAP account. To allow users browsing the server trought FTP, you have to link the LDAP database to the system. Click on Members options on the top menu Choose users and system icon Turn on the Link […]

Native FTP Proxy Port

The proxy supports FTP trough HTTP but if you need to use native FTP trough a proxy, you need to create a new Proxy FTP port. This feature is available with Artica v2.13.063015 or above. Go into Proxy ports under proxy section. Click on “New Port” button Turn on the […]

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