Bandwidth management

The Quota/Bandwidth object

Quota size object ( available in 3.x Artica version ) is a proxy extension that calculate the downloaded size per user, IP, website, categories. Calculated size is each 10mn, hour, day, month. This object can be used in ACLs in order to block access or limit the bandwidth dynamically. It’s […]


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Create bandwidth/quotas rules

Rules can be defined by an Active Directory group an IP address, a MAC address or a single user. You can create several rules for one source for example we can imagine reducing to 512kbs an Active Directory group for one hour if reach 1GB and reducing to 2mbs for […]

Quotas/Bandwidth feature

The Quotas/Bandwidth feature is designed to reduce dynamically the bandwidth of users according quotas rules. With this feature, your are able to define a downloaded flow size per hour/day/week for a set of users. When users reach the limit, the proxy will automatically reduce the bandwidth. This feature is available […]

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