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Infoworld: Bossie Awards 2013

The best open source admin tools

Getting familiar with all the open source admin tools out there would be like learning all the stars in the sky. From Linux and Windows server administration to rack and data center management, open source has a whole galaxy of tools to ease the burden on admins. For this year’s Bossies, we salute a dozen of our favorite tools for getting the job done faster and easier…
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Infoworld: 13 Killer Open source admin Tools

Sys admins are a unique breed. Like many of our IT brethren, we must be jacks-of-all-trades. Mail relays, file sharing, websites — it’s a lot to shoulder, but don’t fret. Open source is here to help….
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NetworkWorld: Open source proxy servers are capable….

“…Artica got high marks for being the easiest to set up and run without needing advanced technical knowledge, a definite plus for organizations that may not have subject matter experts on sta for every aspect of their IT infrastructure.
The Artica Starting Guide tab links to several instructional videos.
We viewed a few of them and they generally provide adequate information on how to get started with various tasks…”
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