Monthly Archives: September 2016


The Quota/Bandwidth object

Quota size object ( available in 3.x Artica version ) is a proxy extension that calculate the downloaded size per user, IP, website, categories. Calculated size is each 10mn, hour, day, month. This object can be used in ACLs in order to block access or limit the bandwidth dynamically. It’s […]

How to retrieve Internet history for an user

Artica proxy statistics allows you to retrieve history for a specific member. Generate the query On the top menu, click on “Statistics“ Choose Members icon Click on the “Build the query” button. Define the User id in drop-down list Choose the period give the username on the search field. Click […]


My Computers section

My Computers section allows you to manage computers trough Artica, it is a new feature from Artica 1.x or 2.x. All entries are merged to one single section. This Computers database is used for several ways: Add Aliases for proxy service ( link a MAC address to a “name”) Manage […]