Monthly Archives: August 2016

How to retrieve credentials trough command line

This procedure is to retrieve the password set for the Web administration interface. With putty or any other client open SSH on the Artica server ( default root and password artica ) Or exit the menu console. Perform this command line: grep root /etc/ldap/slapd.conf You will see for example: rootdn […]

New Artica version 3.x

A new Artica Version 3 is available. 2.x versions will not be updated automatically and need to be updated manually. The 2.x is still supported for minors bugs. Download latest 3.x packages releases Latest 2.x nightly: The last 2.x nightly was the 2.39.082718 version. Servers using this nightly version are […]

MikroTik transparent Web Proxy Setup both HTTP/HTTPS

MikroTik router has been successfully tested with Artica v2.39.080400 or above In this Article, we will describe how to build MikroTik rules in order to forward HTTP/HTTPS traffic to the proxy. Architecture – example: Our MikroTik manage 4 main networks each network have it’s own Interface LAN 1: LAN […]



Deny a website to be cached

Artica is a strong proxy cache that claim to cache strongly websites in order to safe bandwidth. In some cases ( web applications, News / chat websites ) this behavior is not productive. You can easily deny some websites to be cached by the proxy. 1) How to see if […]