Monthly Archives: July 2016


Search events in legal logs with Logs finder

Statistics engine store only domains and not requests for performance and database size. If you want to extract and analyze  requests from a defined period, you can user “logs finder” feature. The log finder is a feature that parses “Legal logs” history in order to find requests. This feature is […]

Offer multiple connections options in the HotSpot login page

By default the HotSpot offer only one way to establish a session ( SMS, auto-register, register, login). You can allow guest users to have multiple options inside the login page if you have enabled different possibilities. This feature is available on 2.39.071317 Artica version or Above. On the HotSpot, click […]



How to get a trial Enterprise license ?

To test the Entreprise License, you have to submit the evaluation form inside Artica. On the top menu, Click on the Arrow Choose “Artica License” icon Verify the entered email address Click on “I Need an evaluation license” button The Artica proxy send the query to the License server and […]

Partition of legal logs exceed xx%

If you receive this notification, this means the partition where proxy “source/legal” logs are stored is full. Usually the log storage path is “/home/logrotate_backup” in the /home partition or system partition. How to fix this issue ? 1) Use a NAS smb in order to store logs. Go into “Your […]