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Network Interface monitor

Interface monitor is a feature available in 2.39x or 2.40. It ensure that a network interface configuration is not broken. The Artica Monitor service check the following conditions: If the IP address has been modified without being saved from the Web console. If the network Interface is down. On the […]



How to modify the text for ticket submission ?

If you want to skin the denied Web error page text and color, you need to use the skins rules in the banned page service. Note: tuning the Web-Filtering error page require a valid corporate license. On your Proxy, click on the “Banned page service” link Select Skins rules and […]

The Micro Hotspot feature

The Micro HotSpot feature is a simple option claim to redirect Internet connections to an authentication page. It can be used if you need to authenticate users when using the Proxy in transparent mode or if you want an authentication without any popup box. The Artica HotSpot main feature request […]



How to create a local LDAP user ?

By default, Artica provides users management trough it’s local OpenLDAP database.   On the TOP menu, select “Local Members“ You will be redirected to a “Members Search” section. Click on the white cross at the right side. Select the organization and set credentials of the user Click on Add button […]

Patches for the 2.38.050402 version

The 2.38.050402 version is marked as stable. No future minor release will be delivered for this version. Manual patches can be used in order to fix some bugs. 2.38.050402 will be automatically updated to 2.40.x These patches cannot be deployed with a 2.39x version. Patch 2.38.050500


Patch 2.38.050500

The patch 2.38.050500 can be applied on 2.38.050402 versions. This patch fix and add these features: Possibility to display statistics database tables and their size. Possibility to purge manually the statistics database Fix Artica is unable to purge statistics database automatically. Fix the ICAP Access table growth too fast Fix […]

How to apply an official Artica patch ?

An official patch use the same structure as an official Artica package. Note: This package can be deployed trough Artica Meta too. Apply the patch trough the Web console. On the dashboard, click on the Arrows on the top barr Select update icon. On the Parameters section, choose “Manual Update” […]



List processes trough the console

If an high load is suspected you can get the list of current processes that running on the system. On the Unix console, choose “Processes” menu and type Enter Key You will see a screen that display CPU, memory¬† utilization. type F6 key On the left part, choose CPU% in […]


Allow VPN Sessions to browse your LAN

If you just activate the VPN service, you can only reach the VPN service but not access to your LAN Allow VPN sessions to communicate with your LAN Interface On the VPN server settings, click on Change settings Select clients tab. Choose the right network interface in the “Allow VPN […]