Monthly Archives: February 2016

Monitor bandwidth/connections for all protocols

On the Artica Appliance, you can add a monitor service that able to check all connections passed trough the Appliance. This to ensure that some protocols passed trough the appliance did not consume bandwidth because Artica monitor only the HTTP/HTTPS protocol. On the System top menu, choose “Connections tracking” link. […]

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HotSpot maintenance section

The Maintenance HotSpot section is availble on Artica v2.37 or above. It allows you to restart Web service that handle the portal and to turn the HotSpot into the emergency section without need to be logged on the Artica web console. In the HotSpot status, turn on the “Activate the […]

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Proxy crash each day at 07:00 AM

This issue is caused because an Artica task is defined to restart the proxy service at this time. This task was created to fix some issues on proxy service but is not necessary if you using proxy v3.5x. You can safely disable this task. On the TOP menu, click on […]