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Unable to FTP into server – Error 530

This error appears when you have enabled the FTP service and created an LDAP account. To allow users browsing the server trought FTP, you have to link the LDAP database to the system. Click on Members options on the top menu Choose users and system icon Turn on the Link […]

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Set Proxy DNS servers

DNS is a very important part of the Internet performance. If DNS are slow, access to Internet will be slower With Artica Proxy, you have 2 DNS section: The System DNS: Available in the System section that defines DNS servers used by the operating system. The Proxy DNS: Available in […]

Create a local Kaspersky updates repository

Artica is able to centralize Kaspersky updates trough Kaspersky Update Utility. This feature allows you to create a local repository for Kaspersky Antivirus softwares. When Artica act as proxy it can hook requests and force Kaspersky products to use the local repository instead retreiving updates trough Internet. This to ensure […]

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How to disable the local LDAP server ?

If you did not use local members, you can disable the local LDAP service in order to safe performance. (by default the Intel Celeron mode disable automatically this feature). On the TOP menu, click on System. On the Databases section, choose LDAP Database server option. Turn to red the Activate […]

Create bandwidth/quotas rules

Rules can be defined by an Active Directory group an IP address, a MAC address or a single user. You can create several rules for one source for example we can imagine reducing to 512kbs an Active Directory group for one hour if reach 1GB and reducing to 2mbs for […]

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Quotas/Bandwidth feature

The Quotas/Bandwidth feature is designed to reduce dynamically the bandwidth of users according quotas rules. With this feature, your are able to define a downloaded flow size per hour/day/week for a set of users. When users reach the limit, the proxy will automatically reduce the bandwidth. This feature is available […]

Lost Manager password ( new version )

If you are unable to login to the Web console And you have installed Artica with the CD-ROM or using the Virtual appliance Enter into the Menu console. use the Root password and system tasks menu Select the Web Interface SuperAdmin account menu Give the SuperAdmin account name. Give the […]

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How to setup browsers for WPAD service ?

After enable the WPAD service, browsers (Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome) are able to download automatically the proxy configuration trough Artica Web site.   Basically if the “Automatically detect settings” option is checked, each browser try to resolve a computer called wpad or wpad.yourdomain.tld. If the wpad computer can be resolved […]

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