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24-02-2015 10-57-32

Apply a patch sended by the support team.

To apply a patch sended by the support team:   Download the artica-xxxx.tgz Got to the Web console and click on the arrow on the top menu Choose “update” icon Click on Manual update icon Click on upload a file button Choose the download file sent by support team

Utiliser son propre script et le bloquer

Si vous estimez que la configuration d’Artica ne correspond pas à votre demande, vous pouvez créer votre propre script et le figer afin d’évaluer avec notre support technique la véracité des règles du fichier de configuration proxy. Cette fonctionnalité est présente dans les version Artica 1.9.022213 ou supérieures. Dans la […]

22-02-2015 14-06-27

Change system DNS

To modify system DNS use this procedure Click on “Networks” on the top menu Choose DNS settings Modify the Primary DNS server and the secondary DNS server Edit the Internal Domain has the search domain when typing a netbios name instead a fully qualified hostname

19-02-2015 16-39-05

Link 2 Artica Proxy servers in failover mode

The failover with Artica perform automatic switch connections to a backup server according issues, system load, heavy memory on the production server failover mode is an Active/Passive solution. If you plan to use Active/Active solution, take a look on “Load-balancing” method. To enable failover, you must have 2 Artica servers. […]

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16-02-2015 14-42-47

The Artica Proxy Watchdog

The Artica Proxy Watchdog is a daemon that run in background on the system. It is is designed to monitor all Internet services and is able to react when an issue or a warning is detected. Every proxy service operation is logged into the watchdog history in order to see […]