Monthly Archives: January 2015

28-01-2015 16-47-40

How to add a new disk on Artica appliance ?

To add a new disk in both physical and virtual computer do these steps: Add your disk to your system and reboot the system. On the top Icon of the name of your server, choose “Internal Hard drives” Your new disk will be in grey, click on it Click on […]

Receive Proxy watchdog notifications

The Artica Proxy watchdog is able to perform actions and notifications on the proxy service issue. You are be able to receive notifications by mail on each warning and criticals events On the top menu, click on events   Click on Proxy Watchdog tab and on Watchdog service parameters button. […]

12-01-2015 10-22-40

Source logs backup/rotation

Artica is able to backup regulary access events logs files. These logs files are the source logs files that must been stored, backuped according your country law.   Open the “proxy service” with the top menu Choose “Backuped logs” icon.   To access to the Source logs feature with Artica […]

07-01-2015 16-06-54


Storage Capacity of Kid x 95%

You can see on the dashboard this kind of chart This chart means that your proxy has filled 95% of it’s cache area (2GB by default). This is not an issue When reaching 95%, the proxy service must remove old stored objects that are not regulary requested in order to […]