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Modify the Web Filtering deny web page URL

The Web filtering Deny webpage is Web page generated by an Artica service. When users try to access to a deny website, the proxy redirect the request to the Artica dedicated Web engine. By default, the Artica HTTP engine listens on 9020 port and the redirect URL using the Proxy […]

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How to block advertising ?

  You have to use the Web filtering engine, we have a database called “publicite” ( means advertising ) handle more than 166 574 ads websites. We suggest to add “tracker” database too that handle trackers javascripts and websites that sometimes increase websites loading time ( example: google analytics javascript) […]

Proxy transparent mode

Advantages of Transparent Proxy In the advantages category we have the following : Simplified administration – The browser does not need to be configured to talk to a cache. Central control – The user cannot change his/her browser to bypass the cache. Disadvantages of Transparent proxy Not Robust – Because […]

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Anonymous browsing

When surfing trough Artica Proxy, by default the proxy use/add standard HTTP headers informations when connecting trough web servers. You can use this Artica Web page or to see what informations a standard Web server can retrieve from your site. You are able to force proxy to hide some […]

Bypass a computer from authentication method

This post explain how to disable authentication for certain proxy objects while enabled for others. For example, I want machineA to pass the proxy without authentication and machineB is still being authenticated. To perform this rule you need to know how to define your whitelisted internal computer. Your computer can […]

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Installation Wizard step by step

Installation Wizard step by step Connect trough your freshed installed appliance. Click Next on the Welcome message. 1) Simple Network configuration Server and domain timezone: Choose the TimeZone for your server. It is an important part in order to correctly connect your server to an Active Directory server or to […]