File is Too large ( Artica v3.x )

When uploading a new Artica package, you can see the error “File is too large“ To fix it: On the Top Menu, click on System Choose Web interface settings link   Increase the value of MAX Post size and Max Upload file size to 512



No internal network defined

On Artica dashboard, a “warning” message says “No internal network defined”. This not a fatal error, just to motivate you to define your internal networks inside Artica configuration. To remove this error: Go to System on top menu Click on My Computers/Your networks Add all your internal networks  

index.lua:5: attempt to call field ‘isPro’

Fix the error : Script “/usr/local/share/ntopng/scripts/lua/index.lua” returned an error: /usr/local/share/ntopng/scripts/lua/index.lua:5: attempt to call field ‘isPro’ (a nil value) Download this file: ntopng-x64-debian7-1.1.tar.gz Click on the TOP arrow and choose Update icon. Select Softwares tab and click on Manual Update button Upload the ntopng-x64-debian7-1.1.tar.gz file. Refresh the page that display the […]



High SWAP usage

Your server complains that it’s swap usage is full and is turned to red. But you see that the memory is not fully used. In this example, the swap is 100% used but the memory is 50% usedThis means during a short period the server use a lot of memory […]

How to retrieve credentials trough command line

This procedure is to retrieve the password set for the Web administration interface. With putty or any other client open SSH on the Artica server ( default root and password artica ) Or exit the menu console. Perform this command line: grep root /etc/ldap/slapd.conf You will see for example: rootdn […]

List processes trough the console

If an high load is suspected you can get the list of current processes that running on the system. On the Unix console, choose “Processes” menu and type Enter Key You will see a screen that display CPU, memory  utilization. type F6 key On the left part, choose CPU% in […]



Update manually hardware inventory

Artica scan the hardware only each 3 days, since most of servers are now installed on a virtualization system, administrators are able to change the hardware periodically. To force Artica to scan the memory, CPUs, disks, click on the TOP menu on System. Select System optimization. Click on “Refresh System […]