Access Control lists

ACL: Deny some sites to be cached

To create an ACL rule to ban the proxy to not cache some websites. On the TOP menu, click on “Your Proxy“ Click on “Complete ACLs” link Create a new ACL rule. Click on this new rule and enable the “Deny Cache” option. Click on Objects tab. Click on “New […]

Switch between 2 routers with proxy ACLs rules

This topic is for transferring request to the right router using ACLs on the Same Artica proxy server Our proxy use 2 network Interfaces. One is linked to the router1 and on interface linked to the router2 We have 2 LANs, one is and second is […]

Find Proxy objects by group id

the 2.35.020216 allows you to find ACLs groups ( proxy objects ) by their ID. for example when fixing some warnings like : “You should probably remove ‘’ from the ACL named ‘Group127′” In this example, we need to find the group id 127 On your Proxy, choose “Proxy objects” […]

ACLs: Limit downloads by file size

Using ACLs you can limit downloads based on the web server size response. You have to create an ACL rule Down to the rule and enable the “Max downloaded file” option. Set in MB the maximal downloaded size in MB To Limit downloads to 64MB for everybody, select the objects […]

Quota size proxy object

The Quota size proxy object is designed to be used in order to monitor downloaded flow by member, category, website (Available on Artica v2.21.100100 or above) This object cannot be used if you proxy server is turned on Intel Celeron mode. This object cannot be used if your proxy performance […]