Patch 3.06.052317   Recently updated !

This patch can be used from the latest 3.06.050915. After apply this patch, you Artica version will be upgraded to 3.06.052317 Fix in this Patch: This patch already includes fixes in patch 3.06.051813 Fix cannot enable the bandwidth limitation for Windows updates. Remove unnecessary option to activate Windows Update enforcement […]

Patch 3.06.051813   Recently updated !

This patch can be used fromĀ  the latest 3.06.050915. After apply this patch, you Artica version will be upgraded to 3.06.051813 Fix in this Patch: Change the init script to start the proxy service that should fix some issue of lost some ACLs after rebooting the server. Fix: in some […]

Recover statistics from legal logs   Recently updated !

If you migrate your server or if you have loosing your statistics data, you can recover statistics using the dedicated command-line tool. Recover statistics is by command-line because using the Web console have currently some limitations to upload big files and provide importation status. with Artiva v3.07.051500 or above, the […]


Boot stuck after enabled the FireWall

After installing the OVA and enable the Firewall and rebooting, the boot stuck on FireHOL. This because the FireWall want to start before any network configuration. To fix this issue, On the startup screen, lock the countdown by using arrow top or down. type the “e” letter find the line […]

How to stress your Artica proxy server from a Windows Client

The WebServer Stress Tool is a Freeware tool that able to stress websites. In our case we will use it in order to stress Artica by stressing Internet with the Artica Proxy. Download and uncompress the “WebServer Stress Tool“ ( webstress- ) Inside the webstress- you will find a basic […]



Unable to find a suitable server for domain XXXX / NT_STATUS_CANT_ACCESS_DOMAIN_INFO

You receive this error when connecting to the Active Directory after finish the Active Directory the wizard: Could not authenticate user Administrator%***** with plaintext password error code was NT_STATUS_CANT_ACCESS_DOMAIN_INFO (0xc00000da) error message was: NT_STATUS_CANT_ACCESS_DOMAIN_INFO This because the wizard understand that the domain part of your Active Directory domain is the […]