How to install Artica manually on Debian 8.x

It is important to know that Artica will handle the system after install it. You did not have to install Artica on an already production server ! This procedure start after installing the Core System using a debian Net-install dpkg –add-architecture i386 Enable the non-free repository vi /etc/apt/sources.list change deb […]


System in read-only mode CTRL-D ?

When booting Artica, you receive an error [….] The root filesystem is currently mounted in read-only mode. A maintenance shell will now be started. After performing system maintenance, press CONTROL-D to terminate the maintenance shell.. [warnrt the system. … (warning) On the screen type the root password ( US Keyboard) […]


IP Traffic Summarizer

Available with Artica v3.02.020517 or above. IP traffic summarizer is an IP traffic monitor. It listens to a network interface in promiscuous mode and tallies the total traffic for every connection. A connection is a combination of ip address pairs, protocol and for tcp/udp protocols, the ports numbers.