Monthly Archives: February 2015

Remove system cache

If you did not want to use cache systems on your Artica appliance, you can perform this steps On the top menu, choose Proxy service Choose the Cache center icon. Select Global parameters tab Turn to green Disable Caching websites Click on Apply button  

High CPU usage on ufdbcat or ufdbguardd

Available with Artica version 1.9.021102 With the H option on menu console, you can display the task manager If you see that the process ufdbcat or ufdbguardd use 100% CPU, this means that a database is corrupted. Click on the Arrow of the top menu and choose updates Select Web […]

Fix Artica as gateway

  You can definitively fix Artica to be a gateway in this way. On the top menu, choose Network Click on Network services icon Select Gateway Mode icon Select Artica has Gateway icon Trun to green “Artica has gateway” and click on Apply